Communication Studies

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Communication Studies

We aspire to help students become communication experts who think critically, speak eloquently, write skillfully and research effectively.

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Why study Communication at Campbell?

A degree in communication studies provides students with the versatility to pursue a career in a wide variety of industries. Develop the verbal and written communication skills to connect with audiences across various contexts, cultures, channels and media.

Seven unique concentrations ranging from advertising to journalism
Faculty are proven scholars within their respective fields

About the Communication Studies Department

The field of Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication.

The mission of the Department of Communication Studies at Campbell University is to impart knowledge and understanding of the human communication process, preparing students for communication careers (including, but not limited to, broadcasting; electronic, new, and print media; corporate communication and public relations; health communication; interpersonal communication; communication pre-law; and advertising).

Our Communication Studies program is unique, offering seven different concentrations for students to choose from. These concentrations allow students to specialize in the field of communication that they are most passionate about but also give students a well-rounded foundation, showing how all areas of communication work together.

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