Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Designed to prepare you for a career in any aspect of the criminal justice system through an extensive curriculum and internship programs

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Why study Criminal Justice at Campbell?

Develop an understanding of the criminal justice process while exploring endemic and emerging issues in the field. Study criminology, victimology, political policy analysis and other research methods used to measure and understand the etiology of crime, societies’ response to crime and policy issues that impact the administration of justice.

Program emphasizes critical thinking and learning with hands-on experience
Personalized instruction and support for students
Many faculty members have a background in the criminal justice realm

What can I do with a degree in Criminal Justice?

Law enforcement officer

Criminal Investigator

Probation officer

Private detective

Fish and game warden

Security guard

State trooper

Forensic science technician

Drug enforcement agent

About the Department of Criminal Justice

The mission of the History, Criminal Justice, and Political Science Department is to guide students toward growth in their base of knowledge in political science, history, criminal justice, and the social sciences in general, that they may have the opportunity to walk wisely, guided by the foundational purpose of this University – a Christian perspective toward faith and learning.

The purpose of the Department’s majors is to ensure that students have access to the widest range of choices in career paths and academic concentrations without diluting the strength of the knowledge being imparted. The choice of majors also suggests the depth of course concentrations so that students can upon graduation choose to move forward to graduate education, professional schooling, or the job market.

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