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About the Pre-Law program

At Campbell, we realize that not everyone pursuing a law career will take the same path to get there. We encourage students to seek the undergraduate pathway best for them, and we are here to help them explore what that might be.

Law schools are not looking for one specific major; instead, they look for well-rounded, hard-working students who have a passion for law and justice. We have students who have majored in everything from Political Science to English from Christian Studies to Communication Studies and gone on to law school. We do not want our students to feel limited to a certain undergraduate major but instead to see the importance of all backgrounds and points of view.

We encourage all of our prospective and undergraduate students who are ultimately working towards law school to research the requirements for a variety of law schools. We are here to help you achieve your goals, but it is up to you to know what those goals are.

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Pre-Law Tracks

Pre-professional preparation is delivered as a track or concentration within certain majors.

Christian Studies Pre-Law
Communications Pre-Law
Criminal Justice Pre-Law
Economics Pre-Law
English Pre-Law
History Pre-Law
Political Science Pre-Law
Trust Pre-Law

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