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Foreign Language

See the world from a fresh and new perspective. Immerse yourself in a cultural experience that allows you to understand and communicate using a new language.

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Why study Foreign Language at Campbell?

Develop critical thinking skills while exploring Spanish or French literature, linguistics and culture through reading, writing and conversation. The Foreign Language major prepares students to be global thinkers with an understanding and appreciation for people and their culture.

Opportunities to immerse in language by studying abroad
Global perspective gained through the study of the world’s widely-spoken languages
Free tutoring provided by the Foreign Language department

Translator vs. Interpreter


This language expert focuses on a written translation from one language to another. He or she may undertake the complete translation of a single text such as a novel from English into another language. They might also simply undertake short translations such as instructions in a doctor’s office.


This language expert focuses on a spoken interpretation from one language to another. He or she may do simultaneous interpretation between two speakers of different languages. Even as one person is speaking in one language, he or she is communicating this information to the second party in the second language. In consecutive interpretation, this interpretation happens with significant pauses between iterations.

Heritage Spanish Speakers

What does the term Heritage Spanish Speaker mean?

A Heritage Spanish speaker is a person that has early exposure to the heritage language at home, proficiency in (or a cultural connection to) the heritage language, bilingual to some degree, dominant in a language other than the heritage language (generally English), and ethnic/cultural connection to the Spanish heritage language (Zyzik 2012).

Why would a Heritage Spanish Speaker major in Spanish?

  • Develop confidence in advanced communication skills in the language.
  • Learn about the variants of the Spanish language used in the United States.
  • Enhance professional skills such as writing and reading Spanish.
  • Maximize communication skills valuable for after graduation with people in English and Spanish.
  • Explore topics related to a culture with a deep personal meaning.

Study Abroad

Every other summer, we travel to Spain to study Spanish language and culture.

Students have the opportunity to visit well-known cities and sites and  engage with local families while learning and gaining an appreciation for the language and culture.

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