Honors Program

Honors Program

Designed to enrich the educational experience of students whose academic successes and demonstrated character indicate that they are likely to benefit from the additional challenges of an enhanced course of study.

Why join Campbell’s
Honors Program?

The Campbell University Honors Program fosters a community of undergraduate scholars dedicated to academic excellence, interdisciplinary inquiry, and cultural and global engagement.

Our innovative, interdisciplinary classes encourage creativity and problem-solving across disciplinary boundaries and help prepare students for success in a complex, rapidly changing, globalized world. 

The program’s Study Abroad requirement sets our graduates apart in a competitive professional landscape by promoting adaptability, independence, and cultural awareness.

Are you a good fit for
the Honors Program?

In addition to having a track record of academic success, strong candidates for the Campbell University Honors Program are curious and open to new challenges and perspectives.

Regardless of major, honors students are willing to explore a wide range of topics, apply knowledge across disciplines, and experiment with ways of seeing beyond the lens of their own disciplines.

They seek an educational experience that is more than a series of transactions and performances by embracing its transformative potential.


Enriching environment Experience unique social, cultural, leadership and service opportunities
Priority registration Be among the first group of students to register for classes each semester
Possible eligibility to live in Jones Hall* Renovated residence hall featuring study spaces, a modern kitchen, lounge areas and a patio with fire pit and gas grills
Innovative curriculum Unique, interdisciplinary courses substitute for many general education requirements

*Not available to first-year students

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