Security & Computing

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Security and Computing

Tackle the changing role of IT in the 21st century and learn how to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

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Why study Security and Computing at Campbell?

Jump start your career in Security and Computing through Campbell’s curriculum of business ethics, integrity and honesty. Learn how to react to a field that is constantly changing, and create a workflow that will make you stand out in this fast growing industry.

Our students consistently place well above average in both ACT and SAT entrance exams
Tracks offered in Information Security and Information Management
Business ethics, integrity and honesty are the hallmarks of our program

What can I do with a degree in Security and Computing?

Anti-terrorism specialist

Corporate security officer

Systems analyst

Technical consultant

Web programmer

Computer graphics animator

App developer

Network architect

Computer programmer

About the Security and Computing department

The four-year degree program in B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in Information Technology and Security provides education and training in information technology management by emphasizing the changing role of IT in the 21st century, introducing the fastest growing educational program in information assurance (information security, safe computing, information privacy, and internet safety) and its role in personal and corporate computing, and educating students about intelligence creation, storage and distribution.