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Social Science

Discover the inner workings of human society and how politics, history, geography and economics affect it

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Why study Social Science at Campbell?

Social Science at Campbell blends introductions of political science, history, geography, economics and sociology to help you learn where your impact is needed most. This curriculum includes small class sizes and provides many student leadership opportunities.

50% More than 50% of our courses are 300-400 level
An impressive array of clubs and organizations promote student interaction and leadership
20 The size of our classes averages just 20 students

What can I do with a degree in Social Science?


Social worker

Education administrator

Human resource manager

Occupational therapist

Urban planner

Management consultant

Chief of Staff

Graduate work

About the program

A social science major will provide you with a wide-ranging multi-disciplinary perspective because it includes six-credit hour introductions to political science, history, geography, economics, and sociology. You will then complete a 24-credit hour concentration in political science or history.

You can enhance your classroom experience with many different events and activities that promote student interaction and leadership. These include the College Republicans, College Democrats, North Carolina Student Legislature, Public Affairs Club, Mock Trial Team, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science honor society) and Pi Gamma Mu (social sciences honor society for students majoring in History, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Economics, Social Work, Psychology, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity)

Teaching social science

You can pursue this major while seeking a North Carolina teacher licensure, and it is especially popular with those who have a strong interest in political science or history and anticipate teaching that subject. We do recommend, however, that most teacher licensure candidates pursue the stronger history discipline major or, as an alternative, the social science major with a history concentration. This major is also popular with students who wish to minor in another field in a separate department or school. 

All teaching licensure candidates perform student teaching. For example if you’re in the Social Science History Teaching concentration, you’ll student teach for two-thirds of the final semester of your senior year at a location close to the University.

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