Studio Art, B.A.

The Studio Art program introduces students to drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and exhibition in small classes with one-on-one instruction. Students have access to two large studios with ample lighting and the opportunity to work in a variety of media ranging from pencil to watercolor. Internships provide real-world experiences.

Studio Art students are required to display their artwork in our Senior Art Exhibit. This gives students the opportunity to have their art viewed by faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

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Students in the Studio Art program are able to use all four of the Art Department’s studios:

  • the Graphic Design computer lab
  • 2 large studios with skylights, daylight fluorescent bulbs, and optional rotating spotlights (one of these studios is a three-dimensional area with potter’s wheels, tables for hand-building sculpture, and a kiln room)
  • a smaller studio with drawing tables and flat files for storing work during their Exhibition Preparation and Presentation class.

The analytical skills and knowledge gained through the study of Studio Art may lead to an exciting career in a wide variety of professions. Here is a sample:

  • A career as a practicing artist
  • The museum field
  • Graduate work in any of the fine art or design professions
  • Graduate work in Art History, Studio Art, or Art Education