Opportunities & Resources

Organization of Security Students

The Organization of Security Students is a scholarly association with the primary goal of enriching the student’s understanding of both national and international security studies. We seek to increase awareness of current security issues among the multi-disciplines included in the growing field of Homeland Security. In order to preserve this goal we actively participate in discussions and invite speakers to supplement course curriculum in increasing the student’s awareness of emerging and past security topics and concerns.

Dr. Amanda Parker

Travel Opportunities

D.C. and New York City Trips

Homeland Security majors have a unique opportunity to travel with instructors to Washington D.C. and New York City. In DC, they visit the Congress, White House, FBI, DHS, DEA, ATF, DIA, NSA, Georgetown University and more. In New York they visit multiple counterterrorism centers, the UN, NYPD, FDNY, DHS, Coast Guard, 9/11 Memorial and Columbia University.

Study Abroad

Campbell University Homeland Security Students recently completed a special study abroad program in Central and Eastern Europe. Students visited sites dealing with WWII, the Cold War, and Organized Crime in Berlin, Germany; Warsaw and Krakow, Poland; and Prague, Czech Republic. A similar study abroad trip took place in Summer 2018, which included Gdansk, Poland and Vilinius, Lithuania.

And More…

Campbell University Homeland Security majors have tremendous opportunities. They travel to places like NC Justice Academy, SBI, Ft Liberty, the North Carolina Emergency Management Operation Center and more. Homeland Security experts speak to students on campus. Students have opportunities to present at professional conferences, attend Model UN events, and publish original work via online journals.