Majors & Minors in Political Science

  • Political Science, B.A.
  • Political Science, International Studies, B.A.
    • The International Studies program can be entered through a major in Political Science and is supplemented with courses in comparative government, area studies, international policy making, foreign languages, and multinational economics. This variant of the Political Science major would be very suitable for someone hoping to enter the foreign service or one of the federal intelligence agencies. The concentration would also be appropriate for individuals seeking a career in journalism or employment with a company that does business abroad. International Studies majors are encouraged to broaden their horizons through interning in foreign countries; our department majors have been able to spend a semester in such locations as Egypt, Great Britain, Italy, and Spain. Campbell recently inaugurated a Study Abroad program and students have participated in summer trips to Costa Rica, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.
  • Political Science, Pre-Law, B.A.
    • Our Pre-Law track supplements Political Science curriculum with courses in Constitutional Law, British and American History, U.S. government, logic, public speaking, business, psychology, economics, and quantitative methods. The result of the program is a transcript that looks attractive to law school admissions officers and more importantly, the development of the reasoning, communication, and study skills essential for success in law school and the legal profession.
  • Political Science, Public Administration/Public Policy Concentration, B.A.
    • The Public Administration program supplements a Political Science major with courses in organizational, financial, and personnel management; it also includes classes in economics, public relations, and speech plus a political science internship. The concentration is open to all Political Science majors. Those completing the program are excellent candidates for our nation’s public service jobs, and such individuals also possess the reasoning ability and communication skills highly desired by both business corporations and non-profit organizations.

Political Sciences Minors