Theatre Arts Majors and Minors

Students – both majors and non-majors – are given opportunities to participate in actual theatre productions every semester. The size of our department ensures that students will have production opportunities every semester, unlike large universities where many students have limited opportunities. Opportunities include:

  • Acting
  • Stage Management & Theatre Management
  • Technical theatre
  • Design Projects
  • Directing Projects

Actors get main stage experience. Technicians are actively involved with construction, lighting, sound, and sometimes design for main stage productions. Enrollment in Theatre Practicum – required of all majors – amply provides the kind of hands-on experience in all areas that serves students well whatever their chosen career path.

Theatre Arts Minors


Internships are available; while they are not required they are strongly suggested during the summer of your freshman or sophomore year. Students are primarily responsible for finding an internship, but are encouraged to work with their advisor to secure one. Many local theatres take interns, as well as theatres across the country. It is recommended that summers in your junior and senior years be spent working in summer theatres.