Sound of the Sandhills Marching Band

marching band

The Sound of the Sandhills is the marching band for Campbell University. This group is open to all students who play a instrument. Students who march get a scholarship for their participation. In order to get the scholarship they must be in a concert band. 

Eligibility & Requirements

  • The ensemble is open to all Campbell University students.
  • Placement audition is required to be able to fit the student in the concert ensemble for their current level. Also, it helps the Directors be able to place you on certain parts. Auditions consist of  playing a selection you have used for other audition or band piece from your local band. Then sight reading could be evaluated. “THIS IS NOT A AUDITION TO GET IN.”

Rehearsal Times

The ensemble meets on Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm in the At Barker Lane Stadium or in the Band Room in Taylor Bott Rogers Fine Arts Building. 


Each student in the marching band receive the following items

  • Orange, Black, and Grey performance t-shirt
  • Book Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Portable Charger
  • Gym Shorts
  • Ball Cap 

Marching Band allow the student to use the following items during the season: 

  • Marching Band Uniforms
  • Color Guard Uniforms
  • Rain Coat
  • Performance Hall

Marching Band Students are required to buy the following items Package cost is $40:

  • Marching Shoes
  • Gloves

Performance Venues

The group performs at all of Campbell University home football games. They also participate in parades, high school band competitions, and other places the university deems appropriate. 

Why Band?

  • Join the largest FAMILY on campus
  • Possible Scholarship Opportunities 
  • Great Resume Builder/Graduate School Applications
  • Continue to Do Something You Love “Making Music”
  • Make Memories and Friends

“What Campbell Bands Means” 


“Campbell Bands is my safe haven and my home away from home.” 
                 (Olivia Exum, Music Education, Class of 2020)

“It’s where my closest friends are.”
                  (Jeff Campbell, Sports Management, Class of 2020)

“When I first got to Campbell as a freshman in 2016, it provided me with instant friends, which eventually became my family. My home away from home.”
                 (Nate Evans, Criminal Justice Administration, Class of 2020)

“Campbell Bands means home. A place where I can be myself, apart of something I never imagined, making music and memories that will last forever.”
                (Kaitlyn Havican, Music Education, Class of 2021)


“It is what brought me to Campbell and it is where I learned not only about music but about life. Without Campbell Band program I would not be the person I am today.”
                    (John Owens, Sports Management, Class of 2009)

“I would not be where I am today without all the lessons learned and relationships formed through being a member and leader of the Campbell Bands. It was truly a life changing experience that I take with me through every other journey I have walked since graduation.”
                   (Rebekah Simpson Lockhart, Music Education, Class of  2012)

“As a member of Campbell Bands through two degrees, Campbell Bands means family to me. I couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging and positive community to be a member of and to have as as a positive outlet throughout my time at Campbell. My time at CU wouldn’t have been the same without them!”
(Leah Main, Biology Class of 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2019)

Join the Family!

If you are interested in learning more about the Wind Ensemble, let us know.

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Meet The Members of the Wind Ensemble


Picture Name Instrument Year Major High School Hometown
Diana Cain 2019 Bio Picture Diana Cain Flute Junior Kinesiology Pre-PT Jack Britt Fayetteville, NC
Jordan Gagnon 2019 Bio Picture Jordan Gagnon Flute Senior Psychology Union Pines Vass, NC
N/A Leeza Gurganus Flute Senior Pharmaceutical Sciences West Forsyth  Clemmons, NC
Lily Gurganus 2019 Bio Picture Lily Gurganus Flute Sophomore Pharmaceutical Sciences West Forsyth  Clemmons, NC
Marina Maddaloni 2019 Bio Picture Marina Maddaloni Flute Senior Clinical Research Charles W. Baker Baldwinsville, NY
Andrea Medina 2019 Bio Picture Andrea Medina Flute Sophomore Mechanical Engineering  West Forsyth Clemmons, NC
Sarah Rhodes 2019 Bio Picture Sarah Rhodes Flute Freshman Christian Studies Midway Dunn, NC
Natalie Treadway 2019 Bio Picture Natalie Treadaway Flute Freshman Music Education West Wilkes  North Wilkesboro, NC
Brittany Wortham 2019 Bio Picture Brittany Wortham Flute Senior Biology West Johnson Garner, NC
Ivy Yang 2019 Bio Picture Ivy Yang Flute Freshman Pre-Pharmacy Maiden Hickory, NC
Melissa Wells 2019 Bio Picture Melissa Wells Flute Freshman Biology Pre-Med Southern Alamance Snow Camp, NC
Emma Bailey 2019 Bio Picture Emma Bailey Clarinet Junior Homeland Security Hawbridge Charter School Staunton, VA
Bebe Barnes 2019 Bio Picture Bebe Barnes Clarinet Freshman  Biology Pre-Med  Broughton  Raleigh, NC
TJ Dixon 2019 Bio Picture TJ Dixon Clarinet Sophomore Pharmaceutical Sciences Leilehua/Warhill/LaFayette Williamsburg, VA
Amaya King 2019 Bio Picture Amaya King Clarinet Freshman Biology Pre-PA Heide Trask Rocky Point, NC
Abigail Kroner 2019 Bio Picture Abigail Kroner Clarinet Senior Exercise Science Pre-Occupational Therapy/Psychology North Raleigh Christian Academy Wake Forest, NC
Ashton Lee 2019 Bio Picture Ashton Lee Clarinet Freshman Biology Pre-Med Jacksonville Jacksonville HS
Thelia Miller 2019 Bio Picture Thelia Miller Clarinet Senior Educational Studies Richlands Richlands, NC
Molli Palombo 2019 Bio Picture Molli Palombo Clarinet Junior Music Education North Davidson Clemmons, NC
Noelle Pope 2019 Bio Picture Noelle Pope Clarinet Junior History Hunt  Wilson, NC
Allie Shaw 2019 Bio Picture Allie Shaw Clarinet Senior Homeland Security Northwest Cabarrus Kannapolis, NC
Jessica Wakeman 2019 Bio Picture Jessica Wakeman Clarinet Junior Biology Pre-Vet Cape Fear High School Fayetteville, NC
Kim Guay 2019 Bio Picture Kim Guay Alto Sax Junior Nursing Monadnock Regional Troy, NH
Landen Langston 2019 Bio Picture Landen Langston Alto Sax Freshman Theatre Arts Hobbton Newton Grove, NC
Tara Leggett 2019 Bio Picture Tara Leggett Alto Sax Freshman Pre-Pharmacy Riverside Williamston, NC
Will Ulrich 2019 Bio Picture William Ulrich Alto Sax Sophomore Music Education Roanoke Rapids Roanoke Rapids, NC
Brayden Coats 2019 Bio Picture Brayden Coats Tenor Sax Freshman Music Education Midway High School Dunn, NC
Andrew Cobb 2019 Bio Picture Andrew Cobb Tenor Sax Sophomore Mechanical Engineering  Beddingfield  Wilson, NC
Ethan Hedrick 2019 Bio Picture Ethan Hedrick Tenor Sax Senior Pharmaceutical Sciences West Davidson  Lexington, NC
David Neilson 2019 Bio Picture David Nielsen Tenor Sax Freshman Piano Pedagogy Northwood Temple Academy Fayetteville, NC
Allie Prignano 2019 Bio Picture Alexandra Prignano Tenor Sax Freshman Homeland Security Roxboro Community School Roxboro, NC
Matthew Pryzbyl 2019 Bio Picture Matthew Przybyl Tenor Sax Freshman Business Administration Heritage  Wake Forest, NC
Henry Happel 2019 Bio Picture Henry Happel Bari Sax Freshman Kinesiology Pre-PT Midway High School Dunn, NC
Benjamin Miller 2019 Bio Picture Benjamin Miller Bari Sax Senior Music Composition Richlands Richlands, NC
Jeff Campbell 2019 Bio Picture Jeff Campbell Trumpet Senior Sports Management Femandina Femandina Beach, FL
Bryson Crump 2019 Bio Picture Bryson Crump Trumpet Freshman Nursing South Caldwell Wilkesboro, NC
Joshua Ellington 2019 Bio Picture Joshua Ellington Trumpet Freshman Biology Pre-Med Wilson Preparatory Academy  Zebulon, NC
Nate Evans 2019 Bio Picture Nate Evans Trumpet Senior Criminal Justice Administration Overhills Mooresville, NC
Jessica Hildebrand 2019 Bio Picture Jessica Hildebrand Trumpet Sophomore English Pre-Med Union Pines Carthage, NC
Kendall Poythress 2019 Bio Picture Kendall Poythress Trumpet Sophomore Pharmaceutical Sciences Hickory Ridge Harrisburg, NC
Jay Sacayanan 2019 Bio Picture Jay Sacayanan Trumpet Senior Information Technology and Security Western Harnett Waimea, HI
Abreya Simmons 2019 Bio Picture Abreya Simmons Trumpet Freshman Nursing Westside Anderson, SC
Darlys Gibson 2019 Bio Picture Darlys Gibson Mellophone Senior Business Administration South View  Fayetteville, NC
Andrea Turlington 2019 Bio Picture Andrea Turlington Mellophone Senior Clinical Research Triton Coats, NC
Noah Walsh 2019 Bio Picture Noah Walsh Mellophone Sophomore Chemistry Sanford School Hockessin, DE
Jason Dominguez 2019 Bio Picture Jason Dominguez Trombone Sophomore English Pre-Law James B. Hunt Queens, NY
Daryl Minus 2019 Bio Picture Daryl Minus Trombone Junior Psychology New Bern  New Bern, NC
Travis Wilson 2019 Bio Picture Travis Wilson Trombone Junior Information Technology Management Triton Coats, NC
Elana Frost 2019 Bio Picture Elana Frost Euphonium Senior Nursing Southern Guilford Greensboro, NC
Nick Pallas 2019 Bio Picture Nicholas Pallas Euphonium Freshman Biology Pre-Med Millbrook  Raleigh, NC
Lauren Sandlin 2019 Bio Picture Lauren Sandlin Euphonium Sophomore Music Education Richlands Richlands, NC
Dillon Johnson 2019 Bio Picture Dillon Johnson Tuba Sophomore Music Education Triton Erwin, NC
Tori Pierce 2019 Bio Picture Tori Pierce Tuba Junior Nursing Folsom Folsom, CA
Aislinn Ramos 2019 Bio Picture Aislinn Ramos Tuba Junior Music Education Maiden  Maiden, NC
Brian Adams 2019 Bio Picture Brian Adams Percussion Freshman English Pre-Med North Raleigh Christian Academy Raleigh, NC
Matthew Blackburn 2019 Bio Picture Matthew Blackburn Percussion Sophomore Theatre Arts West Wilkes Purlear, NC
Olivia Exum 2019 Bio Picture Olivia Exum Percussion Senior Music Education Beddingfield Wilson, NC
Nick Holeman 2019 Bio Picture Nicholas Holeman Percussion Junior Business Administration Millbrook Raleigh, NC
Jensen Fullwood 2019 Bio Picture Jensen Fullwood Percussion Freshman History East Carteret  Marshallberg, NC
Camden Little 2019 Bio Picture Camden Little Percussion Senior Biology Pre-Med North Moore Robbins, NC
Darian McKoy 2019 Bio Picture Darian McKoy Percussion Sophomore Mechanical Education Midway Dunn, NC
Kaitlyn Sellers 2019 Bio Picture Kaitlyn Sellers Percussion Senior Special Education A.C. Reynolds Asheville, NC
Devin Wickerson 2019 Bio Picture Devin Wickerson Percussion Sophomore Accounting Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach, SC
Trinity Williams 2019 Bio Picture Trinity Williams Percussion Freshman Marketing Woodbridge Senior Lake Ridge, VA
Kaitlyn Havican Kaitlyn Havican Drum Major Junior Music Education Union Academy Monroe, NC
Bryce Pittman 2019 Bio Picture Bryce Pittman Drum Major Senior History Pre-Law Maiden Newton, NC